CIA Director Mike Pompeo: “Jesus Christ is the Only Solution for Our World”

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CIA Director Mike Pompeo: “Jesus Christ is the Only Solution for Our World”

Donald Trump nominated and Congress has confirmed Kansas Congressman Mike Pompeo as the next CIA Director.

Everyone was shocked.

But he is well respected in the national security community.

Most of all, he is not ashamed of the Gospel.

He has urged viewers on religious television to pray for our country:

“Make sure that we know that Jesus Christ is our savior and is truly the only solution for our world.”

CIA Director Mike Pompeo

He is also not afraid to call out Muslims and demand that they denounce and fight against Islamic terrorism.

Just after the Boston Massacre bombing, Pompeo stood on the House floor and demanded that all Muslim leaders to denounce the horrific bombing, which had been committed in the name of Islam. “When the most devastating terrorist attacks on America in the last 20 years come overwhelmingly from people of a single faith and are performed in the name of that faith, a special obligation falls on those that the leaders of that faith.”

Pompeo is bold and faithful, and not afraid to speak the truth, even if it offends.

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6 Comments on “CIA Director Mike Pompeo: “Jesus Christ is the Only Solution for Our World””

  1. Daniel 2Living Bible (TLB) 20-23a “Blessed be the name of God forever and ever, for he alone has all wisdom and all power. 21 World events are under his control. He removes kings and sets others on their thrones. He gives wise men their wisdom and scholars their intelligence. 22 He reveals profound mysteries beyond man’s understanding. He knows all hidden things, for he is light, and darkness is no obstacle to him. 23 I thank and praise you, O God of my fathers

  2. As President Trump says “All Muslims must be carefully vetted”. We do not want anymore massacres
    perpetrated by Muslims who want to kill all Christians and anyone who objects to the Caliphate when Muslims rule the world.

  3. Thank you God for the renewal and, more importantly, the practice and expression
    of faith in our country, thanks to your Divine guidance. It feels so good to be a Christian.

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