Churches Are Leaving the Boy Scouts. Should Christian Parents Leave Also?

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Churches Are Leaving the Boy Scouts. Should Christian Parents Leave Also?

Due to pressure from companies pressured by liberal groups, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has bowed further to the liberal social agenda.

They now allow homosexual boy scout masters. The latest? They now allow girls who identify as boys to join.

Pro-family groups are now calling for all parents and young boys to quit the BSA. Churches across America are leaving.

Craig Huey LGBT Gay Agenda (credit: Gospel Coalition)

LGBT Agenda in Boy Scouts

By giving into the radical LGBT gender agenda, the BSA have lost their moral compass.

Once a proud tradition of transitioning boys into men, the whole program is abandoning the basic realities of biology and truth.

For parents who still want their boys to enroll in a similar program, there is Trail Life USA. Much like the Boy Scouts, this program emphasizes clear Biblical values. And it’s booming.

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12 Comments on “Churches Are Leaving the Boy Scouts. Should Christian Parents Leave Also?”

  1. I totally agree that the BSA has lost moral compass. If I had my boys enrolled i would pull them out!

  2. As an Eagle Scout and an Order or the Arrow recipient, I am appalled churches are bowing to the LBGT community and allowing women into the Organization. I came up through the ranks from a conservative viewpoint, taught swimming and was certified in giving CPR, but alas never won the Derby. I spent a week every summer in Camp Hebron where we worked on Merit Badges and we were taught the importance of participating in Citizenship in the Community, Nation and the World. Alas these the principles of the Boy Scouts of being Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean and Reverent have fallen by the wayside. This loss is sad and the effects are evident in todays Society, where anarchy, and violence have become the norm. We have turned our society over to the “nuts” and let them dictate what we should think and how to act. What ever happed to common sense and decency?

    1. AMEN, Johnathan! Good for Texas. One of the few states with it’s head on straight. Not here in Kalifornicate, though.

  3. What is happening to groups and people who “bow” to this perversion? Don’t they have ANY GUTS? What happened to “just say no!”? I’m sick of this PC crap and the people who kowtow to it. I am SO GLAD my sons are grown. I wouldn’t want them to have to be exposed to this perversion (Romans 1:26-27) It seems we are growing a nation of wimps, who don’t have anything between their ears or legs. Pathetic. “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” Joshua 24:15B.

    1. I cannot support the BSA any longer, either. I do think they held out as long as humanly possible but the pressure was too great. So sorry this had to happen. It is just one more reason for those of us that are tired of this stuff to stand against this liberal change America is going through. I could never put my young children in BSA or GSA. The Girl Scouts were gone a long time ago. Our churches should be informing the people in the pews of these changes. It’s like Disney and many other entities in our nation. We were warned in the “Last Days” of great apostasy and we are seeing it from all sides.

  4. It’s sad that BSA is dying out. You can’t be everything to everyone. Go back to basics and they will come.

  5. Scouting is been so important over the years. My two sons and four of my grandsons attained the rank of eagle scout. Because of the radical changes, one of my sons has pulled his sons out of the scouting program.

    When an organization abandons its basic principles, it is in danger of going out of existence. I am sorry that it has come to this point. I am a former donor and supporter of the BSA. That stopped several years ago and I will not be a supporter in the future.

  6. We are looking into American Heritage Girls for our daughter, they are now under Trail Life. There are active groups both in Hermosa Beach and Lakewood (on Mondays during school hours for homeschoolers). I was a Girl Scout and I am so sad at what that organization supports now.

  7. This Is Political Correctness & Secular Humanism Totally Out Of Control! The BSA Have Failed To Realize This Fact And Have Caved To The Special Interests. Yes, The Christian Parents Should Removed Their Children & Let The Boy Scouts of America Degenerate Into An Socialist Cesspool Just Like The Universities!

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