Church Canceled…

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Across America … and the world … church services have been canceled.

Youth groups canceled…

Mid-week services and Bible Studies canceled.

Sunday morning worship services canceled.

I’m working on finding out what churches are doing to reach the broken, the hurting, and those in need of Christ.

What is your church doing to help people in your fellowship?

What is your church doing to teach the word of God and to bring people into the presence of the true and living God?

How are you reaching out to your local community?

Please give me an update on what you see going on in your community … and what you like and dislike.

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4 Comments on “Church Canceled…”

  1. Our church is streaming Sunday services, having prayer meetings, bible studies, missionaries, youth groups, etc. via Zoom meeting.

  2. Our pastor is posting short “sermons” on facebook, for those who are on it. Guess that’s why he “friended” me a couple of weeks ago. His wife called us (we’re seniors), but beyond that, I don’t know what is being done. Our services are on the radio, but now they’re recycled services.

    As for me, I baked a lemon meringue pie for our neighbors; her mom is here from Ukraine and is sad that her flight home was canceled. I made two loaves of bread for a friend who told me she hadn’t been able to find any in the stores. I may do more of this kind of thing if this craziness persists, which I sincerely hope isn’t for long.

  3. Our Senior Pastor Mike is streaming his Sunday sermons online on YouTube and our Worship Pastor Basilio is doing a Wednesday afternoon live session, both of which we get on It’s not the same as being there, but will have to do for now. Just remember: all of this is temporary. God has been and will continue to be in control. See y’all in church in the future! Keep the Faith.

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