Christians Under Attack: Progressive Media Talking Heads Mock Prayer

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The progressive media has no understanding of how powerful and effective prayer can be…

That’s because unbelievers can neither perceive nor comprehend what occurs in the hearts of those who pray … or in the hearts of those who are prayed for.

They can only see outward actions … they can only measure and understand physical results.

And they see no relationship or connection between the work of prayer – and prayer IS hard work – and the outward activity that results from it.

Recent devastating mass shootings are a prime example.

Progressives think Christians should be campaigning to enact stricter gun laws rather than praying for the victims’ families and sharing personal empathy with them.

They see no benefit in expressing empathy, compassion, or emotional support to the victims of such tragedy.

Watch this video of progressive media talking heads mocking prayer in response to a mass shooting incident:

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