Christians Outraged over Blasphemous TV Show

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The TV show “Black Jesus” is entering its second season and receiving backlash from Christians.

The show is about a “modern-day Jesus.” A black “Jesus” who smokes marijuana, uses profanity, and more.

Christians are upset that this show mocks our Savior. They say it misrepresents Jesus and is blasphemous.

One sponsor has pulled its commercials from airing during the shows’ breaks. The company’s President, Steven Clancy, said: “Our company’s advertising during an episode of ‘Black Jesus’ was an oversight and not intentional. As soon as we were made aware of the situation, we took steps to ensure that our advertisements do not air during that show.”

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4 Comments on “Christians Outraged over Blasphemous TV Show”

  1. This is not the only blasphemous or near-blasphemous show on the air, thanks to the anti-Christian bias in the media. Almost as bad is the way Christians are portrayed in almost every program.

  2. I am excited to see Justin back serving God! He made a tremendous influence on my great grand daughters when he was younger and we were all unhappy when he fell backwards, so blessings to you Justin B and to you
    Now to the black Jesus I think it is appalling that people could think that doing such an atrocity would actually make people happy. Jesus is my Savior without Him I would be in hell by now. I love Him so much. These people who think they can degrade and make Him like themselves are in for a grand awakening unless they repent and ask Him to forgive them for they know not what they do. He has already been nailed to the Cross, beaten, spit on , carried the cross and much more so we would not have to go to hell but live with him forever. So what would Jesus do? he would forgive them and pray for them instead of getting all religious all religious and want to burn them at a stake. so I choose to forgive them and pray their hearts would turn and they would get saved and realize the enormity of what they did. God bless

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