Christians Electing Liberal, Progressive Judicial Activists?

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Across America, Christians are upset that liberal judicial activists are destroying religious liberty, promoting abortion, ignoring the Second Amendment … turning our society into an anti-Christian, socialist country.

Yet most of them either voted for those liberal judges, or did not vote at all, which is just as bad, helping to elect liberal, activist judges.

In California, conservatives and Christian judges were defeated. For California readers, recommends which judges to vote for.

Here are the results of the endorsements for our judicial offices:

  • 31% of our judicial recommendations won (so far)
  • 42% of our judicial recommendations lost
  • 26% of our judicial recommendations will face a November run-off

If there is one reason to vote for President in the November Election, it’s the Supreme Court.

In California, a federal court of appeals just declared gun rights void. Previously, a judicial panel ruled that homeschooling was illegal. Thankfully, that ruling was overturned. Judges are now fining churches and business owners, too, forcing them into bankruptcy, threatening “Re-education” counseling and even jail time.

If there is one reason to vote in all local/state/federal elections, it’s the judges.

Here are three things you can do now:

  1. Plan on voting your values in November
  2. Tell others how to vote for the right judge.
  3. Helps us to do our extensive research of the judges. It’s expensive, and we need your help to continue

Can you donate $10 or more?

Help be a part of turning around the judicial tyranny attacking our culture.

You can donate here.

Please share with us your thoughts. Email me at

2 Comments on “Christians Electing Liberal, Progressive Judicial Activists?”

  1. Thanks much, Craig for your event at Coast Christian Sunday June 5 in Torrance and your years of election forum. God Bless You.

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