Christianity Ban: China’s War on Christianity has Become Even More Oppressive

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The communist government of China has been tearing down churches. Locking Pastors up. Threatening people who attend prayer meetings or Bible studies.

They have been editing the Bible from a socialist perspective. China’s government has also begun a social credit policy where Christians become  discriminated against educationally, economically, and socially.

But now something new is happening.

Throughout the world, in response to the pandemic, churches have been live streaming their services or using different types of video media -with the exception of China.  China has shutdown streaming video… Why?

A 2018 Chinese law bans services.

“No organizations or streaming individuals will be allowed to live stream or broadcast religious activities, including praying, burning incents, ordinations, scripture chanting, holding mass, worshipping or receiving baptism online in the form of text, photo, audio, or video.”

So, China has shut down church after church that has attempted to live stream.

WeChat the social media app used by many is monitored for Christian content – and, shut down.

The persecution has worsened during the China coronavirus pandemic. All religious meeting and religious communications have been blocked even as China opens up its economy, Christians are being oppressed like never before.

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