Chilling Supreme Court Decision: Count-down to Christian Oppression and Socialism

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Chilling Supreme Court Decision: Count-down to Christian Oppression and Socialism


A Washington State law requires pharmacists to provide abortion-inducing drugs, even if they have to violate their conscience to do so.

In a 5-3 decision, the three dissent justices—Roberts, Thomas, and Alito—warned that these decisions reflect the increasing persecution which Christians face as the court pushes a liberal political agenda at the expense of those who hold a Christian worldview. This decision points to more cases destroying First Amendment protections and Christians unable to act according to their Biblical beliefs and conscience.

They could lose their jobs or become unemployable if these rulings  remain intact.

Will freedom of religion turn into forced faith in the liberal, progressive ideology?

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4 Comments on “Chilling Supreme Court Decision: Count-down to Christian Oppression and Socialism”

  1. So if a doctor is a Jehovah Witness, then according to your mindset, he should be able to refuse to administer a life-saving blood transfusion to a patient. Or, if someone is a Mormon, they could refuse to give out any kind of birth control. Or, if someone belongs to the KKK, they should be able to refuse service to any Negroes. Or, if someone is a neo-Nazi, they should be able to allow Jews to die without assisting them medically.

    Come on, we’re in a new century……get over your Victorian attitudes…..In reality, it is you and your kind who are the oppressors. If you don’t believe in abortion, then don’t have one. If someone has problems with this issue, they shouldn’t be in the medical field….PERIOD

    Freedom of religion also means that we should be free of the dogmas of religious zealots.

  2. Diana, I believe you are the one that needs to re-evaluate your values. The First Amendment was instituted so that every American had the freedom to believe whatever they wanted to without interference from anyone, especially the government. You argue that this provides people to deliberately withhold services to those who are different than they are. Perhaps that is so, but history tells us that modern Christianity does not do that, unless it violates the laws of God. Abortion and birth control are against the laws of Heaven, and therefore the individual has the right to determine their own actions concerning that. You also are a hypocrite in that you refuse the individual the right to determine for himself, but grant the government and others to dictate to them what they shall believe and the actions that they must take. Your modern liberal attitude has certainly not made this world a safer place nor has it brought harmony and good will to the people. The world is poorer for your “liberal dogma”. But because this is a free country (or at least used to be) I and countless others like me have fought to protect your right to believe what you wish, you may continue to voice your malicious ideology as you wish.

  3. The First Amendment’s chief clauses bear two words referencing religion: establishment and exercise. The first is forbidden to the state, the second is granted in privacy or in the public square. Without these cornerstones, the heart of our Declaration of Independence and the will of our Constitution would be vacant. Self-evident truths and unalienable rights granted by a Creator, not by men or government, are granite in the foundation of this nation. Remove or erode them and America ceases to be America. I wonder what part of identity and survival people like lower-case diana fail to understand?

  4. Diana, be careful what you determine to be a religion. The KKK and neo-Naziism are ideologies, not religions. In my experience, a Christian will recommend another professional to accomplish what their own conscience will not allow. The foundation of our Christian religion is love not adherence to dogma, both love of people and love and obedience to the only true God.

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