Is Your Church Next? Assault on Churches’ First Amendment Rights [Video]

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Death threats … against a pastor and church staff.

Facebook and social media attacks … against a pastor and his church.

Politicians raging … against a pastor and his church.


For trying to reach out to the hurting with biblical truth.

Let me tell you about how this can happen to you and your church.

Metro City Church – an Evangelical Covenant church in the downriver Detroit suburb of Riverview, Michigan – recently announced a 6-week workshop called “Unashamed Identity Workshop.”

It was advertised as a girls-only outreach for 12 to 16-year-olds who struggle with thoughts that they should identify as gay, bisexual or transgender.

“Through thoughtful, relevant, and biblical counsel, we will help your girl be unashamed of her true sexual identity given to her by God at birth,” the ad stated.

For this voluntary outreach ministry, death threats began streaming into the church office – on Facebook, Twitter, and Metro City’s phone lines…

Angry respondents threatened to shoot members of the church staff and burn the church down.

Pastor Jeremy Schossau said that at one point, the church was receiving 40 hate-filled messages per minute.

The politicians are so incensed at the idea that teenage girls would willingly seek help … that they’re calling for an investigation into the church – using the Consumer Protection Act as their excuse.

The workshop:

  • is totally voluntary
  • is not coercive in any way
  • is based on respectful dialogue
  • is based on the teachings of Jesus

For liberals, religious liberty ends when a pastor or a church speaks out in opposition to the liberal worldview.

In this case, the Bible gives hope to those suffering from sexual confusion.

Consider this a wakeup call for all who hold to historical biblical teachings on marriage, gender identity and sexuality.

If the state of Michigan is successful in shutting down this ministry, it’s only a matter of time before the liberals come after you and your church.

Be prepared … political and social pressures may rage against your church as well.

Those who think they can avoid conflict by staying silent on these issues are mistaken…

Perhaps not today or this week … but at some point, we all will have to take a stand for what we believe.

Watch this 5-minute video of Pastor Schossau explaining the purposes of Metro Church’s workshop on sexual orientation and identity … and the firestorm of criticism he has received:

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  1. It appear that the bible is accurate and true. History is repeating all over, again. What is happening in our country, and the world as a whole is exactly what has happened time and time again. Go find some good history books, older issues. The BIBLE being the best. What we see happening today has happened time and again throughout the history of man, in painful detail. Man turned his back on GOD and judgement followed. It will happen again and soon I’m afraid. We are at the very last part of REVELATION.

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