America’s Religious Roots — How One Pastor Sparked our Republican Form of Government Over 100 Years Before the American Revolution

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It’s not being taught today in elementary school… or college courses.

But America’s founding was heavily influenced by pastors, church leaders, and biblical principles, unlike any other country in history.

Here is one little-known story about the influence of one pastor on the founding of our nation…

On September 9th, 1776, the 2nd Continental Congress voted to adopt a new name for the country they were creating… Until then, the 13 colonies were called The United Colonies.

As the delegates debated, names were bandied about… Most were rejected, but one stood out to all.

On that day, the 2nd Continental Congress voted, and “The United States of America” was born.

Although America and its founding principles are attributed to such men as Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Mason, and Benjamin Franklin, the story of America’s democratic principles date back over 100 years earlier to a small colony in New England.

It was within this colony that the real father of the American Republic could be identified as he laid down the foundation of what would be America… His name was Thomas Hooker, a small-town pastor and community leader.

Reverend Hooker was one of the leaders of the Connecticut Colony. The colony was formed after breaking ties with Pilgrim leaders in the Massachusetts colony.

Hooker was a dynamic pastor, and in 1635 he delivered a memorable sermon advocating for the right of the people to rule themselves.

This was known as popular sovereignty and was the first time such democratic ideas were expressed in the colonies.

In fact, the sermon was so powerful that it influenced Roger Ludlow, a lawyer from Windsor, to write the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut in 1639. This document is considered to be the “world’s first constitution.”

Rev. Hooker’s sermon was based on a Bible passage in Deuteronomy 1:13.

“Choose some well-respected men from each tribe who are known for their wisdom and understanding, and I will appoint them as your leaders.”

This concept heavily influenced the American colonists under British rule in the mid-1700s.

The democratic principles and ideas Rev. Hooker outlined in his sermon inspired Thomas Jefferson when crafting the Declaration of Independence – which asserted Hooker’s popular sovereignty ideals and the concept of God-given natural rights and individual liberty – the assertion that “All men are created equal.”

Although mostly forgotten now, Rev. Thomas Hooker can certainly be considered one of the founding fathers of America’s principles of our Republic.

Unfortunately, we’ve also forgotten his warning that in order to choose “wise, understanding, leaders,” we, the people, must also be “wise, understanding, and educated” in order to identify good leaders. If not, we’ll get self-serving leaders hungry for power and control who don’t care about the country or their constituents…

Or, as French philosopher Joseph de Maistre once said of American democracy, “…You get the leaders you deserve.”

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3 Comments on “America’s Religious Roots — How One Pastor Sparked our Republican Form of Government Over 100 Years Before the American Revolution”

  1. This blast from the past reminding Americans of our history is a great service to all.
    Thank you very much. And may the favor of God be with you.

  2. You are right in line with the Lie the Marxist Democrats have been spewing for the last 50 years !

    I Pledge Alliegience to the Flag…

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