Amazing! How Home Churches Are Multiplying in “Atheist” Country

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Amazing! How Home Churches Are Multiplying in “Atheist” Country

I had the honor and privilege of delivering two Sunday morning sermons to home churches in Cuba.

That’s right: home churches … not just Bible studies!

There’s only a few “official” churches in Cuba, all of which were in existence prior to Fidel Castro’s takeover 1959.

It’s been illegal to build a church since then … and of course spreading the Gospel has been outlawed, too.

That’s all changing, and its changing rapidly for the better.

Imagine not being able to have a church, but you have number of spiritually hungry people coming to your bible study.

What do you do?

Well, what the Cuban Christians have done is convert homes into churches.

That’s right! They take a home and build it out into a church.  The pastor must live in the small home. But it’s a church! In one home church, I went to one of the rooms, which was turned into an auditorium that could seat 125 people!

It was packed. The people were worshipping and attentively listening to the pastor and me as I gave my study.

Another church had an extension created across a patio in back, a space that held close to two hundred people. Everyone was worshipping God, and all were listening attentively.

No signs are permitted to inform the public where these home churches are located. But the Cuban residents know where they are, and the churches are packed out at every service.

I have included pictures of these homes and the churches which meet within them.

By God’s grace and mercy, the Cuban people are hearing the Gospel. Churches are multiplying. Thousands are accepting Christ as their personal savior.

What’s the biggest need right now in Cuba? They need help to build more home churches. In order to start a church, a pastor needs to own a home. Then volunteers construct the church. But there is no money, since Cuba is one of the poorest nations in the world … thanks to the Castro regimes’ socialism.

With no economic opportunity for entrepreneurs to grow businesses, how are these churches built? Christians in America have actually bought houses for pastors. The houses cost between $5,000–15,000. From there, a church is built out.

Of course, in America churches cost millions. But a much smaller amount, we can help build a church for the Body of Christ in Cuba.

Maybe you can pay for part of for the full house, and help an entire community. You can provide for them a way to hear the Gospel. You can help save lives to reach out to the persecuted Cuban Christian communities to provide a witness to the entire world.

If you are interested in a special project to help the Cuban Christians, I’d like to talk to you about it and explain the details. Please email me at


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  1. What the devil meant for evil, God turned it around for GOOD! Thanks “evil” Obama for doing God’s work. I LOVE IT!!

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