Shocking: Presidential Christmas Address–Reagan, Trump, and Obama

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Shocking: Presidential Christmas Address--Reagan, Trump, and Obama

With the Presidential transition nearly upon us, let us compare the Christmas addresses of President Ronald Reagan, outgoing President Barack Obama, and incoming President Donald Trump.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on what you think about the difference

Here are the Christmas messages:

Ronald Reagan, 1981:

Barack Obama, 2016

Donald Trump, 2016

Here are the Christmas Cards:

Ronald Reagan

Barack Obama

Donald Trump

Do you see the differences in the cards? What do you think? Email me at

7 Comments on “Shocking: Presidential Christmas Address–Reagan, Trump, and Obama”

  1. Really loved President Ragan Christmas message. The Obamas message didn’t feel very personal and the true meaning of why we celebrate CHRISTmas was missing. also. Donald Trumps message although short went straight to the heart of Christmas. We are a Christian founded nation and we celebrate the birth of our Savior, one way, by saying Merry Christmas. I am thankful he addressed this issue.

    1. Ouch Patricia! PRESIDENT elect Trump said he loves us all. There is no mention of love in Obama’s card. Our Lord and Savior tells us to love one another. I’m so thankful to Him for showing our country mercy and not giving us 4 more years of Obama in HRC.

  2. Obama has left out all reference to Christmas which is a Christian celebration. Not only did he not say “Merry Christmas” he has removed all symbols affiliated with Christmas (i.e. tree, decorations, red and green colors….) Thankfully Reagan and Trump did not!

  3. It’s unfair to consider this as Trump’s Christmas address. It’s Dec 1st. Although I don’t have high expectations for his Christmas address I think we ought to be fair. Both Reagan’s and Obama’s addresses seemed heartfelt and putting political feelings aside I think they were both wonderful.

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