Religious Discrimination: Alaska Airlines Sued [Video]

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 Two Christian flight attendants were discriminated against by Alaska Airlines.

Now the flight attendants are suing.

Here is what happened:

Alaska Airlines’ Senior Vice President of People Andy Schneider posted the following: “Supporting the Equality Act is not about regulating morality. It’s about supporting laws that allow our LGBTQ+ employees and guests, no matter what state they live in or fly to, to be protected against discrimination…Our differences are to be respected.”

When two Christian flight attendants challenged the false and dangerous Equality Act (see my article on Equality Act) and Chapter 8 of my book, The Christian Voter – they were dismissed.

Their free expression of religious beliefs was attacked as, “discriminatory”, “hateful”, and “offensive.”

Now the case will be heard in court and hopefully Alaska Airlines political persecution of Christians and promotion of the horrific Equality Act will stop.

Here is a powerful testimonial from Lacey Smith (one of the flight attendants) that’s 3 minutes long:

4 Comments on “Religious Discrimination: Alaska Airlines Sued [Video]”

  1. Is Alaska Airlines going to kick off all Christian passengers? Wow!! What a loss they had in letting that beautiful young woman go for expressing her opinion!! She was an asset to your organization.
    Let’s show some respect for our religious liberty.
    When I last looked we had the freedom to be an atheist or a believer in God. What has happened to our country?

  2. I’ll fly other air lines. Will cancel a current flight, LAX to Seatle, and go another way.

  3. Thank you so much for standing up for all of us (I’m retired Flight Attendant). We must stand strong together and for our faith. So sorry that you are suffering, but our prayers are with you.

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