Pakistani Government Un-frees Christian Mom Acquitted of Blasphemy: U.S. Senator Demands Congress Cut Off Pakistani Aid

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On October 31st, the Pakistan Supreme Court acquitted Aasia Bibi – a Christian mother of 5 children – of blasphemy against the Islamic prophet Muhammad.


I wrote about her case – and the overturning of her 2010 death sentence – here.


Because of violent riots that followed Bibi’s acquittal – and the demand by 2 extremist Muslim clerics to appeal the Supreme Court ruling – the Pakistani government is refusing to allow her and her family to leave the country.



Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has:

  • Demanded that Congress cut off all aid to Pakistan until Bibi and her family are allowed to leave the country … and are given safe passage to the U.S. or another welcoming country
  • Called on President Trump to personally intervene in the matter … and to urge the President of Pakistan to release the family to the U.S.


Senator Paul said, “I’ve made it a personal mission of mine in office to stop the United States from funding or being allied with places that persecute Christians.”


Human rights watchdog groups say Pakistan’s notorious and draconian blasphemy laws are often abused to settle personal scores and to incite and exacerbate religious hatred. They fear that the longer Bibi remains in Pakistan, the more likely she will be murdered.



Please pray for Aasia Bibi, her husband and their 5 children:

  • That God will guard and protect them
  • That President Trump will demand her immediate release
  • That Congress will unanimously vote to cut off all foreign aid to Pakistan until the family is released and safely transported to the U.S.
  • That the family will receive effective protection in their new location so that Muslim extremists will not be able to find them and kill them.




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2 Comments on “Pakistani Government Un-frees Christian Mom Acquitted of Blasphemy: U.S. Senator Demands Congress Cut Off Pakistani Aid”

  1. Why has our President/government not extended a safe haven for her and her family in the United States? This is very sad.

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