IRS War on Christians: 5 Disturbing Things Every Christian Should Know [Petition to Protect Christians – Sign Now]

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The IRS is politicized… and an ideological bureaucracy has declared war on Christians.

Here are 5 disturbing things you should know:

1. The attack has begun. President Biden is now allowing the IRS to target Christian groups.

As you’ll see below, this is similar to what happened under President Obama, who weaponized the IRS to go after his political opponents.

Here is what happened.

A Christian group called Christians Engaged was asking for tax exemption for its non-profit group.

The IRS denied it.


2. The IRS says no tax exemption because the Bible is “Republican.”

No, this is not satire. It’s not the Babylon Bee.

It’s what they said:

“Specifically, you educate Christians on what the Bible says in areas where they can be instrumental, including the areas of sanctity of life, the definition of marriage, biblical justice, freedom of speech, defense of borders and immigration, U.S. and Israel relations,” read a letter from IRS Exempt Organizations Director Stephen Martin, explaining the rejection. “The Bible teachings are typically affiliated with the [Republican Party] and candidates. This disqualifies you from exemption under IRC Section 501 (c) (3).”

This group is educational, not political.

It invites Christians to pledge and pray for the nation.

It encourages Christians to become involved – vote, get others to vote, be involved – in a non-partisan way.

They encouraged people to vote for, not against their values.

The organization made no candidate endorsements – it had no voter guides.

It was set up as an educational group – just like thousands of other Christian groups, conservative groups, libertarian groups… and radical atheist, socialistic and democratic groups.

3. This IRS is the resurrection of Obama’s politicized IRS. Under Obama, over 100 Christian, Tea Party, Conservative and pro-life groups were denied tax exemption.

It wasn’t until President Trump came in and stopped the injustice that it stopped.

But the politicized bureaucracy was reversed and started again under President Biden.

Now it’s on the warpath again.

And what’s happening now is just the beginning…

4. What’s next – an assault against churches, Christian ministries and conservative and libertarian groups is coming.

Soon you will see:

  • Christian leaders and ministers will be audited for the purpose of finding some mistake for which they can be prosecuted or shut down.
  • Churches will lose their tax-exempt status based on the content of the pastor’s sermons.
  • Christian groups advocating voting your Biblical values will lose their tax exemption.

Biden wants 80,000 new political agents for the IRS – It’s war.

5. What you can do.

Help us with our new petition (see below).

Call your Congressman and Senator to complain.

Just say “stop the IRS attack on Christian groups and political opponents.”

Pray against this.

We are initiating a petition. It will cost us about $25,000 to create, circulate and promote.

Click HERE to sign the petition.

Will you help?

We want over 100,000 signatures to start putting pressure on the IRS.

You can give to our efforts by:

  1. Online – Click here.
  2. By phone – Call 866-382-2226.
  3. By mail – Send a check to:

Turn America Around Fund
2817 West End Avenue, Suite 126 #488
Nashville, TN 37203.

All funds received will go toward stopping the IRS now.

Click HERE and HERE to view videos about the IRS.

What do you think? Let me know. Write me at

4 Comments on “IRS War on Christians: 5 Disturbing Things Every Christian Should Know [Petition to Protect Christians – Sign Now]”

  1. What is that saying???. . . . . . . .with liberty and justice for ALL!!!!!!!! People don’t remember it anymore since the Pledge of Allegiance has become politically incorrect and you don’t hear it hardly at all! What a sad comment on this our Independence Holiday weekend!

    C’mon folks, take a stand and get engaged or we will all soon fall together to the extreme and radical agenda of the extreme radical left and there will be no more land of the free and home of the brave. God help us if that happens!!!

  2. Perhaps the time has come for Christian organizations to stop fighting to retain tax exemption for themselves and just start fighting to overturn taxation of organizations entirely. Why should organizations made up of individuals who are already taxed also have to pay taxes?

    Of course, if our government relied entirely on consumption taxes and not the variety of privacy-invading taxes it relies on now (like income tax), there’d be no need to debate this issue.

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