Historic Christian Persecution: The Top 10 Worst Countries [Petition]

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A many as 245 million Christians face intense persecution.

Some face death.

Some face jail…Some face confiscation or destruction of property.

All are enduring violations of their basic religious freedoms.

New to the top 10 worst countries for persecution of Christians is India. Hindu nationalists have taken over the country and their assaults on people of other faiths is violent and growing.

Here is the list:

1.     North Korea (17th consecutive year)

2.     Afghanistan

3.     Somalia

4.     Libya

5.     Pakistan

6.     Sudan

7.     Eritrea

8.     Yemen

9.     Iran

10.   India

China is now jailing pastors and Christians, editing the Bible, tearing down churches…and more.

It went from #43 to #27 this year.

Most of the countries on the top 10 are Muslim countries.

I encourage you to sign our petition to help the persecuted church in India.

You can sign it here.

What do you think? Email me at craig@electionforum.org

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5 Comments on “Historic Christian Persecution: The Top 10 Worst Countries [Petition]”

    1. Christian Brits and Portuguese brought oppression, poverty, devastation, religious persecution, massacres, and starvation to India.

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