Church Question: If Protestors… Or Those Who Want to Interrupt Your Service… Came to Your Church… What Would You Say… What Should Others Say… What Should Your Church Do?

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In the last issue, U.S. Churches Under Attack: Disruption, Vandalism, and Fire, I wrote about the invasion by violent protestors in churches across America as a protest against the Supreme Court ruling which sends the decision of abortion back to the states.

If your church had protestors out front…

If your church had people trying to come in to disrupt…

If your church needs to prepare for such outbursts…

If your church is under assault by someone that wants to harm or kill…

What would you say?

What would you do?

I’m going to publish the answers without using your name…

Please respond quickly.

Please help churches and fellow Christians to make right decisions.

What do you think? Let me know at

15 Comments on “Church Question: If Protestors… Or Those Who Want to Interrupt Your Service… Came to Your Church… What Would You Say… What Should Others Say… What Should Your Church Do?”

  1. I would repeat out loud “The Blood of Jesus Christ rebuke you satan”.

    There is power in His Blood and in His Name!

  2. First, God gave us His power thru the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ. So, again depending on the intent, we just use His Power to stop the incursion.
    Secondly, everyone including the Pastor “carrys,” do again depending on intent……
    One way or the other, God is in control & He’s got us!!

  3. Our church encouraged CWP holders to carry while at church. We shave some sit at the back, front and middle, so they cover the room.
    Protesting outside if peaceful would be tolerated but if the enter the church to be disruptive they will be asked to leave and escorted out or police called to escort them away if needed!

  4. I would ask protestors to leave the premises. If they continued I would charge them with trespassing and ask the Police to arrest them.
    This is reasonable, biblical, human, and compassionate.

  5. I know that my home church has established a protocol and training to deal with many scenarios, so I would encourage each church to do the same thing. Be prepared, establish a list of people who are in charge. Be orderly and have emergency numbers to call at hand. Work up guidelines and give them to all church members. Depending on what state you are in, you can carry weapons or not. So make certain those in charge are trained in the weapons they may have. And of course, first and foremost – pray for your enemies – since they do not have the eyes of Christ, what they do is led by the prince of darkness and we know our God, the only true wise God – he will overcome!

  6. I would say please leave, you are on private property. If you don’t do as I asked, I will call the police and have you arrested do you understand.

  7. I woud loudly plead the blood of Jesus and proclaim His name loudly as well commanding satan and his cohorts to leave in Jesus name. Also tell those trespassing either to leave or they would be arrested. They should be punished to the full extent of the law. It’s not okay to murder Chrisitians. Those who carry are free to protect themselves and the church.

  8. At my church we enforce the law. They would be arrested and prosecuted. We would share the Gospel with them. And pray for their salvation.

  9. Lord God, in the name of Jesus Christ I loose, release and deploy your holy warring angels of all rankings and divisions to surround and protect us with a holy fire wall, the church members, the property and all that you have given us stewardship over. I plead the blood of Jesus over all us, and command you Satan in the name of Jesus Christ to leave now. I bind the spirit of murder, of violence, destruction, and theft, and send you back to the pit and you can not return, nor anything take your place. No weapons formed against us shall prosper. Let them that love cursing have it returned back to them.

  10. First of all, YES to all calling on the Name of the Lord Jesus but because we DO fight against flesh in blood led/filled with evil, we also must be prepared. Our church secured the services of a Well Known Security agency. They came and went through all our property, checking this and that. We than sat with our ‘newly’ formed security team and went through all the findings and suggestions. Being small church with limited funds we have done the best to secure our members and property. We did out part – prepare as in ‘the days of Noah’. But in the end it WILL be the Lord God Who see us through.

  11. Craig, I am atheist. Religious people generally disparage my lack of “faith.” Nevertheless, I acknowledge the virtue of the first amendment, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” This means that if I am at a church, temple or synagogue out of respect for others, and “outsiders” seek to disrupt or cause violence to the proceedings, I would unhesitatingly apply force against them. I routinely carry devices for self-protection, and in the past I have demonstrated my willingness to apply them as needed. I’ll let others pray, or call for a police response while I take direct action.

    1. The CHURCH of JESUS CHRIST is NOT a brick and mortar building; The CHURCH is The Body of CHRIST made up of the Forgiven, REDEEMED, Saved, Sanctified, Filled with The HOLY SPIRIT men, women and children of The MOST HIGH GOD who are supposed to gather in HIS Name, Sing Praises to HIS Name, Glorify and Worship HIM in Spirit and in Truth so that HE will manifest HIS presence so that HE will Fight the Battle that is not ours but HIS, and Set Free the Captives on the other side of the door! We MUST PRAY for the Salvation of those Deceived souls!!!
      2 Chronicles 7:13&14
      We are Commanded to LOVE our enemies… to Pray for those who Spitefully use us… to WIN souls for CHRIST…to Share GODs Love, Mercy, and Grace!
      It’s Time for us to Battle On Our Knees in Prayer to undo the plans of the enemy! Let us pray to The LORD of the harvest for the salvation of those protestors; pray GOD draw them by the Power of HIS HOLY SPIRIT; pray The LORD give these people a heart, mind and desire to know HIM; pray that HE meet them at their point of need! We must do more and better to show forth the light & love of GOD!!!

  12. Well since the church I used to go to had more fear of Covid then the Lord I have gone to home churches and street churches that kept meeting during that time with out face masks and social distancing (none of us died from Covid) Since the other church has reopened I have stayed with the groups that worship God and fear Him and know who numbers our days. I do not think anyone would come to our homes and the street ministry we are used to handling demons. I still pray for my old church with a building and for the churches that gave in it was a sad time to me and a shock. I had friends that live in countries where they have always been underground so no Flu was stopping them when they meet with the fear of death if discovered. I do believe in prayer and what the power of God can do so if possible I would try to speak to and pray for people.

  13. There is no way to deal with people who object to religious freedom. It’s their way or no way. My church has armed response security visible since the pastor has had death threats because of his views on abortion.

    We as Christians have no obligation to roll over. It is time to stand up and be unapologetic about our beliefs. It’s time to stop being couch Christians. The WOKERS and Alphabet People are already in our schools, they have no business or freedom to disrupt our churches. God gave us brains to fight Satan, not accommodate him.

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