Christians are the Most Persecuted Faith in the World

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According to the Pew Christin Research Center, Christians in 153 countries face varying degrees of discrimination, violence and death.

Sadly, few pastors talk about it.

The media ignores it.

And the politicians mostly don’t care.

In communist countries, like Cuba, China and North Korea, the communist leaders are made out to be gods and socialism – their religion.

Right now in China, churches are forced to remove crosses.

Pictures of Jesus are replaced with pictures of dictators XI and Christians are constantly monitored by the secret police often most worship is in secret.

Throughout the Middle East, Christians go to church knowing that violence from radical Islamists is a real possibility with bombing and beheading.

In India, Christians are discriminated against, beaten, and even killed. As we start this new year, here are 3 things you can do:

  1. Pray
  2. Sign our petition for India. Click HERE.
  3. Donate to candidates that have a heart for the persecuted church.

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2 Comments on “Christians are the Most Persecuted Faith in the World”

  1. I would sign this petition, but it’s addressed to President Trump and Vice President Pence.
    Needs to be corrected

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