6 Things Every Christian Should Know About the 18 States Still Trampling on Christian Rights and Churches’ Constitutional Freedom [California’s and Other States’ Democratic Mockery]

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Here are 6 things every Christian should know about the 18 states that are still trampling on our Christian and constitutional rights.

  1. Churches have been closed and they have been treated unequally and discriminated against.

Every pastor and church leadership team wants everyone coming to their church to be safe.

But from the start, churches have been discriminated against and treated unequally.

Costco, pet shops, supermarkets and Planned Parenthood could be open – like Home Depot and Sam’s Club — with large crowds.

But churches are being treated unequally, despite our constitutional protections.

  1. The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects the right of our churches to operate. 

The governors that are keeping churches on lockdown or with ridiculous regulations in place are operating in an unconstitutional manner and are wrong.

  1. President Trump declared all churches should open now.

In a special press conference, President Trump called on all governors to open churches now.  Watch that press conference here.   

  1. 18 states are ignoring the President by not opening churches, except in very deceitful ways with excessive and stifling regulations and time restrictions.

These states include:

  • California (Gov. Newsom says under 100 people, he’s against singing and much more – total insult to every Christian)
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Hawaii
  • Washington
  • Virginia
  • North Carolina
  • Michigan
  • Maryland
  • Oregon
  • New Mexico
  • Pennsylvania
  • Illinois
  • Maine
  • Vermont
  • Massachusetts

Some states, such as Wisconsin, have been forced to open church services by the state courts. The rest of the states have voluntarily opened the churches up safely, prudently and without micro-managing the church.

  1. This will all probably be reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court. The process is now underway in which the governors of Illinois and California are being required to justify their excessive regulations to micro-manage the churches.  The Supreme Court will most likely rule against those governors and for freedom.

Some lower courts have rightly come to the rescue of churches by ruling against the government.

In California, just after President Trump made his “Open the Church Now” declaration, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals declared 2-to-1 against church openings.

One of the 2 judges who said no was appointed by Bill Clinton; the other by Barack Obama. Both are judicial activists!

The one judge who voted in favor of churches was appointed by President Trump. He made a powerful case for religious freedom and constitutional protection of the church.

  1. Pastors and church members in the closed down states need to do what is right and open now.

Thousands of churches are opening their doors on Pentecost Sunday – May 31st. This is significant.

It’s time to stand firm.

It’s time to preach, teach, mingle and worship together.

It’s time to be the church again.

Sign the petition to open up the churches here.

What do you think? Email me at craig@electionforum.org.

8 Comments on “6 Things Every Christian Should Know About the 18 States Still Trampling on Christian Rights and Churches’ Constitutional Freedom [California’s and Other States’ Democratic Mockery]”

  1. Dear Craig,
    Thanks for keeping us informed. I greatly appreciate groups like ADF, PJI, Rutherford Institute, et al for their efforts to reopen churches. I am concerned, however, my pastor colleagues are taking the easy way out and waiting for governors to give us the green light. Grow a backbone and open up anyway! The aforementioned legal help are too often taking the easy way out, too, giving us ways to make their job easier via compliance instead of defending our constitutional rights. Grow a backbone! We are open but not careless. Thanks,
    Rev. Bill Hofer
    Berean Church
    Weed, CA

  2. The governors aren’t giving us the green light. They are giving us the gaslight. If we are not careful, we will get used to this. I appreciate your perspective, Bill.

  3. We need to vote Christian values come November and stand firm on God’s words and vote out all the socialist democrats. Including stop supporting Bill Gate and his foundation, and his associates Warren Buffet and Dr Anthony Fauci.

  4. Having work with a sister Church in the Republic of Moldova, formerly a part of the USSR, I met believers who were not allowed to worship, have Bibles or other Christian materials, or listen to Voice of America. The resisted, met in homes, hide their materials an smuggled Bibles. The Soviet Union fell and the Christians built a church.

  5. I am a strong conservative, but during this time of unrest, I do not appreciate this appeal to defy the government. 1 Peter 2 was written at a time when Christians were living under Nero. Just as wives are to put themselves under husbands, even harsh and unjust ones, Peter exhorts us to put ourselves under governing authorities who God had put in place And Pray for God to intervene and recognize that overall government helps curb evil and encourage good. If everyone does what is right in their own eyes, we will live in Soddom and Gomorrah like the book of Judges.

    Those of us who have an eternal perspective Will remember that we are sojourners here and we need to be a light That points people to Christ. Jesus returned evil with love to the point of death.

    We have online sermons, small groups meeting on zoom, online prayer meetings, and we are gearing up to have small groups in person in backyards. Entertainment, sports, Schools and other large groups of people have been cancelled so this is not discrimination. We can legally make appointments to speak with leaders and offer solutions, make phone calls and email leaders in a loving and persuasive way, and even pursue justice through the courts in a legal way. Peter and Paul alway spoke respectfully to the government though their imprisonments were not right or fair. Not escaping jail after an earthquake resulted in the jailer’s whole family being saved and a new city starting a church.

    I admire Christians who are standing up and going through the court system at great personal expense To fight for what is right. Jesus wants us to work within the law as long as we are not being asked to break the 10 commandments.

    Thank you for reading. 🙂

    Ps. There is a conspirator. His name is Satan;)

  6. The government is at this point against its reason for existing since the Constitution is law of the land. The government just lost its reason for consideration as being a legitimate government since it as failed to establish what it considers laws without due process. If the people yield to unwarranted power grab there may be no controlling government.
    We would have never won WW1 had government claimed the power it now does. Also no law allows the government powers to redefine the Constitution except using due process.
    It could ask for voluntary compliance to a set of rules but as stated it is now forcing laws or regulations that do not exist legally.
    I believe the government has gone outside of its power and is taking rights away illegally.

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