And Finally, These Words Will Help Stir Your Soul — A Challenge To Us All

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Watchman Nee wrote in his book The Normal Christian Life:

“A day must come in our lives, as definite as the day of our conversion when we give up all rights to ourselves and submit to the absolute lordship of Jesus Christ.

There must be a day when without reservation, we surrender everything to him- ourselves, our families, our possessions our business, and our time.

All we are and have becomes his, to be held henceforth entirely at his disposal.

From that day we are no longer our own masters, but only stewards.

Not until the lordship of Jesus Christ is settled things in our hearts can the Holy Spirit really operate effectively in us.

He cannot direct our lives effectively until all control of them is committed to him.

If we do not give him absolute authority in our lives, he can be present, but he cannot be powerful. The power of the Spirit is stayed.”

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