Ballot Harvesting Corruption in California Begins. I Warned Larry Elder. Now It’s Happening. [Shocking, Disturbing Video of Election Fraud Before Your Very Eyes]

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I warned Larry Elder that ballot harvesting could destroy the California recall election. The two of us were on stage together at FreedomFest before 2,400 people. I told them what ballot harvesting was and why it’s so insidious. It has begun in California. Here are five things you should know: #1. Ballot Harvesting, Voter Fraud Has Begun Here is a … Read More

I Shocked the Host, Stunned the Audience: What Biden’s Justice Department Just Did is Injustice [Radio/Podcast]

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I shocked the host. I stunned the listeners. I’ll surprise you with the latest outrageous moves by the Biden Department of Justice against fair and honest elections. Here is a quick summary of the interview. Click HERE to listen. The pro-Socialist, politicized ideologues in the Department of Justice (DOJ) have now declared war on election integrity The DOJ is being … Read More

Update: The Department of Justice Declares War on Honest Elections: 7 Things Every Reality Alert American Should Know

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The Attorney General Merrick Garland forewarned America that he was creating a special division to target those states who are doing voter election reform to prevent voter fraud…and those states that are or thinking about auditing the election returns. Now, he’s accelerated the war on election integrity in a historic and dangerous way. #1. Across America, states are now revising … Read More