Voter Integrity 2022 vs. Biden’s Bureaucracy War on Honest Elections [Must-See Short Video Podcast]

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I recently did an interview with Jeremy Slayden about voter integrity and how the Biden bureaucracy is trying to stop it. Here are a few key points from the interview: We have a politicized, ideologically driven bureaucracy today that is trying to transform culture and politics through regulations and lawsuits. An example: The Department of Justice is filing lawsuit after … Read More

Stop Voter Fraud Now: Demand All 50 States Must Require Voter I.D. [Sign Our Petition]

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Voter fraud is a very dangerous reality in the United States today. That’s why we have a voter ID petition to put pressure on state and national leaders, and media, to act. Voter ID will make it nearly impossible to commit voter fraud. Without voter ID, there are multiple ways to commit fraud. [Click HERE to sign]. For example, duplicate voter registration and “dead voters” … Read More