Government Overreach: Using the Power of Government to Trample on Individual Liberty and Christian Rights [Video]

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The government is weaponizing the federal bureaucracy to attack conservatives, libertarians and Christians. The most obvious examples are those who went to Washington D.C. to protest voter fraud and to rally behind President Trump. Out of half a million people at the rally, less than a thousand entered the U.S. Capitol … and out of that, only a handful perpetrated … Read More

Voter Fraud in 2020? Saying There Was No Voter Fraud Multiple Times Doesn’t Make It True: 6 Things You Should Know [Petition – Plus Sparks Fly on Video]

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The biased media. Big Tech. The pro-socialist politicians, the biased media and bureaucrats associated with the Democrats and the Joe Biden campaign are saying over and over again there was no voter fraud in 2020. If you disagree, they want to censor you. If you disagree, not only will you be banned but you will be ridiculed. But because they … Read More

My Interview on the Lee Matthews Show: Legalizing Ballot Harvesting [Audio]

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I just got off an interview with Lee Matthews about voter fraud and ballot harvesting where I discussed the following: Many states are allowing voter fraud in the way that they are handling votes H.R. #1 is being proposed in D.C. and this legislation would make ballot harvesting legal in even more states than now If H.R. #1 passes, then … Read More

Standing Up for Truth: My Interview on the Bill Martinez Show [Audio]

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I just completed a radio interview on the Bill Martinez show, broadcast throughout the U.S. Bill started the interview with several key points: People are starting to take a stand since they saw what happened in the 2020 election. You have the majority of Republicans, around the 70% range, that think something doesn’t feel right about the election. But we … Read More

Special Report: The Most Dangerous Bill Ever? 29 Reasons H.R. 1 Eliminates Future Election Integrity Permanently [Video and Action Plan for You]

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Opening the door to voter fraud. That’s exactly what H.R. #1 does…and unless you help us now, it’s going to pass. What’s wrong with H.R. #1… Plenty… Everybody should want honest elections. Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarian. Everyone should want fair and free elections. This bill goes exactly the wrong way. It’s a partisan bill designed to guarantee that every election … Read More

20 Surprising Reasons the 2020 Presidential Election is Being Contested

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The 2020 presidential election drama isn’t over. Despite overwhelming evidence of massive voter fraud and election theft: The media says it’s over… Biden and the Democrats say it’s over… Social media is censoring all news about election fraud. But Biden is not yet president until he is inaugurated on January 20th. And he cannot be inaugurated on January 20th unless … Read More

Media Blackout: What You Should Know About Voter Fraud from the President’s Own Mouth and Heart [Trump’s Media-Censored Speech to America Video]

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President Trump’s speech to America about voter fraud outlined shocking details of a corrupted election. Skeptical or confused about why the President is questioning the results? Watch this 46-minute video. I searched Google for it – censored. I did find it on Bing and Duck-Duck go. Watch it. Send it to family and friends. Why? Watch it and you’ll see. … Read More