How the Church Can Mobilize, Evangelize, and Become More Effective in an Age of Coronavirus

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Across America, churches have closed their doors. The oddity of pastors delivering a Sunday morning message – some standing in empty pews, some standing onstage in an empty auditorium, and others sitting at a desk, perhaps with a fireplace behind them – certainly is unusual. Isolation – not fellowship – is the norm. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t evangelize. … Read More

Must Listen: Why Christians Should Vote in Primary Elections [Radio Interview]

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I just got off the air with Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute. His “Dacus Report” is heard nationally on over 300 radio stations. In my interview, you’ll discover: What everyone needs to know about Israel – and why it’s part of the 2020 primary elections. The War on Christianity – what’s at stake in this year’s primary. The … Read More

Top 2019 Special Reports and Interviews for Reality Alert

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These are the interviews and Special Reports of 2019 you had to read and watch. These are the ones that were the most controversial. They got the most comments or forwards. You don’t want to miss this! Special Reports Special Report: 4 Disturbing and Little-Known Reasons the Progressives Won in 2018… and 5 Actions to Stop the Coming “Blue Tsunami” … Read More

Reality Alert Top 10 Articles of 2019

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These are the articles of 2019 you had to read. They are the ones that were the most controversial. They got the most comments or forwards. They were the 2019 all-stars. You don’t want to miss this! 10. Christian Persecution: What I learned at the State Department’s Historic World Conference – that the Media Ignored 9. Pastor’s Shocker: Significant Number Don’t … Read More

Multiplying Your Message: 13 Response-Boosting Strategies You Can Use on Facebook Right Now

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Are you pastor of a church that has a Facebook page? Or do you own a small business … or do you have a personal, political, social or religious message you’d like to deliver to a large audience? If you’re wondering whether Facebook advertising is still worth using … or whether you’d be better off putting your cash elsewhere … … Read More

…. And Finally… Motorcyclist Who “Identifies” as Bicyclist Sets World Cycling Record…

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A “reliable” news source has just announced that a motorcyclist who identifies as a bicyclist recently crushed all “traditional” bicyclists … setting an unbelievable world record in cycling. NOTE: This is satire… The brave trans-vehicle rider smashed the previous 100-mile cycling record of 3 hours, 13 minutes with an incredible time of well under 1 hour. The professional motorcycle racer … Read More