Special Invitation: Join me at this year’s FreedomFest 2020

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Special Invitation:  Join me at this year’s FreedomFest 2020 Every year since the beginning I have met subscribers who have attended FreedomFest to hear me and others speak. This year FreedomFest 2020 will be better than ever.  I have never seen a conference like this.  It is powerful. If there is one conference you should attend this year to stimulate … Read More

7 Things Every Christian Can Agree About During this Divisive, Raging Race/Police Disaster.

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Our heart breaks. Society is more divided. Race relations are more divided. Politics are more divided. And, yes, the church is more divided. Here are 7 Things I think every Christian can agree on: The death of George Floyd was wrong and unjust. Racial reconciliation has been hurt and set back. Discrimination and racism are evil and unscriptural. Violence and … Read More

Emergency Webinar for Business Owners and Marketing Directors

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On Thursday, April 30th at 1:00 p.m. Eastern, I’m presenting a webinar for Presidents and Marketing Directors on “MARKETING & ADVERTISING DURING THE HISTORIC PANDEMIC CRISIS: 7 Emergency Actions Presidents & Marketing Directors Should Do Immediately in this Economic Collapse.” I hope you’ll join me. It’s free. Learn more here. What do you think? Email me at craig@electionforum.org.

China’s Great Deceit: America’s #1 Enemy and the China Coronavirus Pandemic Dirty Little Secret – 7 Things You should Know [Videos]

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Our greatest threat to freedom, the economy and even life is socialist/communist China. No other nation is as aggressive, deceitful and sophisticated in destroying America, conquering the world and replacing liberty with statism. Here are 7 things you should know: China’s Deadly Cover Up China’s socialist/communist government thought it would get away with the biggest, most deadly cover-up in history. … Read More