FreedomFest 2020…I’d Like You to Join Me…

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I’d like you to join me for my favorite conference. I hope you’ll come, it’s the one conference of the year you should attend. FreedomFest 2020 is scheduled for July 13 – 17, 2020 in Las Vegas…for the largest, most powerful event of the year on politics, investments, the economy and much more. Over 200 speakers, hundreds of workshops along … Read More

Church Attacked – Set on Fire – Because it Held a Worship Service.

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Across America, pastors have been threatened, fined and some jailed for holding church services.  Christians attending church have been harassed, intimidated, and fined. But for one church, the Christian haters burnt down their church. Here is what Pastor Jerry Waldrop said: “Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that in America, in our church – the First Pentecostal … Read More

“White” Jesus Statues, Paintings, and Stained Glass: Destroy Them Now?

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Christian statues are being destroyed. Churches are being torched. Now there are calls for direct attacks on Christians. A former pastor (2008 – 2011) has received worldwide notoriety for wanting to destroy all paintings, statutes, and stained-glass windows of a “white” Jesus Christ. Shawn King has 1.1. million Twitter followers and has been a controversial black militant activist. King said, … Read More

LAST Sunday: I Went to Church Illegally. THIS Sunday: It Was Legal – Here is Why (Watch the Video).

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About 20 states are severely – and unconstitutionally – stopping churches from       opening their worship services. Last Sunday, I was in California…where Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills had a powerful Sunday Worship Service – illegally.  He did it despite the state government’s restrictions. [See I Illegally Went to Church on Sunday:  7 Things Every Christian Should … Read More

Special Invitation: Join me at this year’s FreedomFest 2020

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Special Invitation:  Join me at this year’s FreedomFest 2020 Every year since the beginning I have met subscribers who have attended FreedomFest to hear me and others speak. This year FreedomFest 2020 will be better than ever.  I have never seen a conference like this.  It is powerful. If there is one conference you should attend this year to stimulate … Read More

7 Things Every Christian Can Agree About During this Divisive, Raging Race/Police Disaster.

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Our heart breaks. Society is more divided. Race relations are more divided. Politics are more divided. And, yes, the church is more divided. Here are 7 Things I think every Christian can agree on: The death of George Floyd was wrong and unjust. Racial reconciliation has been hurt and set back. Discrimination and racism are evil and unscriptural. Violence and … Read More