Justin Bieber: Victim of Lies and Smears

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Pray for pop star Justin Bieber. As a Christian, he is finding himself under attack by being accused of saying and doing things he hasn’t done. It’s lies being spread worldwide … even by fellow believers. One hoax came from the Huzlers website alleging that Bieber admitted to being bisexual. False. The photo of Bieber kissing another man was manipulated … Read More

Kevin + Sam Sorbo: Sparking Controversy + Truth [Video]

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Here is a great interview with Kevin Sorbo and his wife Sam. They are introducing a new film “Let there Be Light.” In the interview, they speak about President Trump’s recent foreign trip: He called it what it is (Islamic terrorism); He spoke out against the slaughter of Christians; He got 50 Muslim nations together; He was absolutely brilliant in … Read More

Liberal Media Caught and Confronted for Lying [Video]

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Liberal Media Caught and Confronted for Lying [Video]

The liberal media wants to slander and lie in order to discredit President-Elect Donald Trump. The media attacks with false information, innuendo, slurs, and have been constant and consist. What is their justification? How can the defend it? Tucker Carlson talked to one journalist who tried to defend this false onslaught. Amazing interview for those of us who believe in … Read More