Top 10 Christian Movies of 2018: Did You See Them?

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I often talk about great Christian movies that are released to theaters. In 2018 there were several good ones. One of the most interesting movie awards shows is the Movieguide Faith and Values Awards ceremony. It’s an annual award ceremony for Christian and family-friendly entertainment that’s held every year in Hollywood around the same time as the Academy Awards. It’s … Read More

Shocking: Congress Votes to Allow Killing of Living Babies After Birth [Video]

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Its one of the most shocking votes in the history of Congress. Senate Democrats voted against common-sense legislation requiring that babies who survive attempted abortion must receive medical care to keep them alive. These are newborn babies who are outside the womb and viable. This is infanticide. The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act needed 60 votes out of 100. The … Read More

Shocker: Google Using Hate Group List to Censor Content [Petition]

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Google has been long suspected of manipulating its search engine algorithm to hide content from conservative, Christian, and libertarian sources – in effect, censoring their content. Countless examples of apparently biased political and religious search engine results have been cited to bolster the allegations of censorship. We have written about Google bias here and here. And Dennis Prager has filed … Read More

Stunning Church Shooting Fallout: 4 Little Known but Powerful Stories [Videos]

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Four critical stories have emerged in the wake of the Texas church shooting: Wow, the gospel is being preached like no one could have expected. Gun control, you won’t believe this … Liberal elitists attack faith and prayer, unbelievable … Truth: Our fight is against spiritual forces of evil. No. 1: In the Aftermath of the Shootings, Jesus Christ is … Read More