Political Corruption and the Big Lie vs. Revival: My Surprising Interview Every Christian Should Hear Outlining the Solution and Hope Ahead for America

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What happened was shocking…and disturbing. I outlined one of the biggest political corruption scandals in the U.S. ever – ignored by the biased media and social posts. You see, I just got off a nationwide interview with veteran broadcaster Bill Martinez. The broadcast began with talking about the corruption of the America First Act. I started the broadcast off with … Read More

Gas Prices Skyrocketing: Rip-Off, Conspiracy, … or? [Shocking State-by-State Comparison]

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The biased media and politicians are making false claims about gasoline prices: Why are gas prices in some states so much higher than in others? Why don’t they tell you how much of the price per gallon you pay goes to the government? Let’s face it – high gasoline prices and car registration fees hurt us all… The poor and … Read More

Progressive Heads Spin as President Trump Does the Impossible: Tax Cuts and Deregulation Spark Historic Economic Boom

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President Trump has accomplished the impossible… He has delivered historic economic results for hard-working Americans of all races and ethnic backgrounds… And the progressive media refuses to acknowledge and report the amazing economic news. What news? Wages and salaries increased 0.9% in the 3rd quarter this year … surpassing expectations … and raising the yearly increase to 3.1%. This is … Read More