Media Deception Exposed: A Great Look at How 60 Minutes Distorted Truth for Political Propaganda – 4 Surprising Things You Should Know [Must Watch Video]

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The media has a political agenda. Local and national TV, radio, and newspapers have been censoring and distorting the news just like Apple News, Facebook, Google and YouTube. Here are four things you should know about media deception: #1. Local and national news is political propaganda, not reporting. You would expect local and national television and other media outlets to … Read More

Why Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and the Big Giant Tech Companies are Censoring Conservatives, Christians, and Libertarians: 3 Things You Should Know

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Why do these Big Tech media organizations make an authoritarian decision in blocking opposing points of views? Why do they want to manipulate algorithms in order to destroy and marginalize anyone who disagrees? The bottom line is that they share a pro-Socialist, authoritarian, collectivist point of view. They want to impose more government control and the people and the economy … Read More

1.4 Million Realtors to be Censored?

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Across America, realtors now have a major threat to their free speech. Unknown to most, the National Association of Realtors made dangerous changes in its rules that could crush anything that is said by a realtor that is not “politically correct.” On Facebook. On Instagram. In emails. In public statements… All realtor private and public comments now are open to … Read More