Internet Explodes as Teen Influencer with 26 Million Followers Declares That Abortion Kills

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Naim Darrechi is only 19. He is a musician, and he is a Spanish Tik-Tok influencer. In fact, he’s one of the largest with 26 million followers. They shook up his followers and the Internet with a powerful statement: “An abortion is interrupting a life,” Darrechi said on video, addressing his 26 million followers. “When a woman is pregnant, if … Read More

The Cancel Culture: Blueprint to End Freedom of Speech in America [Video]

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It’s the most blatant and despicable form of mind and thought control. Anything from the past or the present that differs from the worldview of the radical pro-socialist media, politicians and bureaucrats must be erased – canceled. Nothing can be considered or understood within its historical context. None of the mistakes from our nation’s past can be used as teaching … Read More