Christians on Social Media: How Many Share their Faith?

Craig HueySocial Media5 Comments

A recent survey called “Spiritual Conversation in the Digital Age” – which included both Christians and non-Christians – yielded some interesting results: About 88% of the Christians surveyed said they share their faith online with both non-believers and other believers. (This includes social media, email, blog posts and posts on other web sites.) 28% of Christians said they’ve shared their … Read More

On the Hot Seat: Facebook Confronted with Censorship of Conservative, Christian and Libertarian Content

Craig HueySocial Media2 Comments

Facebook’s new algorithm – rolled out in February – is crushing conservative, Christian and libertarian news content … and favoring progressive content. But Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg denies it. He testified for 2 days on Capitol Hill in front of 2 congressional committees regarding Facebook policies Zuckerberg was evasive in answering many of the questions – which focused more on … Read More