Biden Bureaucracy at War with Christianity: Creating a Database of Christians – 6 Shocking Things You Should Know

Craig HueyBureaucracy, Government, Religious Liberty6 Comments

President Biden’s politicized and ideological bureaucracy is creating Orwellian databases of Christians and people of faith. This has never been done before in the history of America. It should not be done now. Here are six shocking things you should know: #1. Ideologically-driven bureaucrats are out of control – the Christian database building. At this point we know of 25 … Read More

China 2020: Worst Persecution of Christians Since the Cultural Revolution in the 1960s

Craig HueyChristian Persecution, International, Religious Liberty3 Comments

Communist persecution of Christians – jailing, torture, killing – was at its height in China during the 1960’s horrific “Cultural Revolution”. But what’s happening today may be worse. Let me explain. The Chinese government, under the guidance of President Xi Jinping, has escalated the persecution of people of faith with his ‘sinicization’ campaign. “Sinicization” is to recreate religion to align … Read More