Crime Hits Home – Prayers Please!

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Shelly’s-and-my son Cory was shot 5 times. It was at close range. It was by gang bangers. Three of them tried to rob him. What’s ironic is that a few days before the shooting, I was on Fox talking about the spike in crime and the lawlessness of shootings and other criminal acts in California. I share this for two … Read More

Must See: “I Can Only Imagine” [Videos]

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After my mom died, I was listening to Christian radio. A relatively new song came on that was a huge comfort to me… In fact, I played it multiple times because the lyrics – the words – were so profound … and gave hope. My mother knew and loved the Lord … so I had the hope and comfort that … Read More

My Fox Interview: People Aren’t Safe [Video]

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I was interviewed by Stuart Varney on Varney & Company. The topic was the spike in crime caused by sanctuary cities and judicial activists. No one is safe in a sanctuary city or state. No neighborhood. No school. You can’t let kids go to the park, school or even play in the neighborhood. Your family and property aren’t safe, yet … Read More

Passion of the Christ Sequel: ‘Biggest Film in History’? [Video]

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It’s been 14 years since Mel Gibson’s blockbuster film, The Passion of the Christ – starring Jim Caviezel as Jesus – was released. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long… The film grossed $611.8 million worldwide – the highest-grossing faith-based film in history. Now, Mel Gibson is working on a sequel – The Resurrection. Jim Caviezel is predicting it … Read More