Election 2016: Clinton vs. Trump–The Comparisons and Differences [Chart]

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Election 2016: Clinton vs. Trump--The Comparisons and Differences [Chart]

In past Reality Alert issues, I gave the Clinton/Trump comparison chart differences on: Israel Abortion The Economy Religious Liberty Common Core The Supreme Court Click on any of the links above to see where the candidates stand on those issues. Also … Check out the differences between the major party candidates, and where their values lie on a variety of … Read More

Candidate Endorsement Questionnairefor State Assembly

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Dear Candidate, Congratulations on your decision to run for office. For over 20 years, the ElectionForum.org has conducted California election forums where we make specific candidate recommendations. Last election cycle we had about 250,000 voters following our endorsements; many in your district. Besides conducting a dozen live Election Forums and several webinars giving endorsements, we will be posting our endorsements … Read More