COVID-19 Alternatives: How to Protect Yourself, Family and Friends

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The politicians, Big Tech, and big Pharma have made many suffer – and some doctors say die – because of lifesaving alternative therapies that have been effectively banned and censored in America. Hospitals, doctor offices, and insurance companies are prohibiting people from getting COVID medicine they prefer to take, even if they request it. Fortunately, there is a way you … Read More

California’s Recall: Why Did Newsom Win…Is There Any Hope for California? (My Startling Interview With One America News Network Nationwide Broadcast)?

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With the failure of the recall election in California, more businesses and more individuals will be leaving California. Many have given up hope about turning California around. Is there hope? And why did the election turn out the way it did? I was just interviewed by Dan Bell of One American News (OANN) for a nationwide broadcast on the recall … Read More

4 Powerful, Little Known Things You Should Know About California’s Recall [See Video of My Speech With Larry Elder]

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America is watching the California Recall. The Democrat socialists are in a panic. Here are 4 powerful things you should know about this recall election. 1. Larry Elder and I spoke on voter fraud. 2,400 people watched this. You must see what I said to Larry. You can see the video HERE. 2. The recall has implications that impact not … Read More