Shocker: How Your Tax Money is Being Used for Political Purposes [National Radio/Podcast Interview]

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I shocked the audience with a powerful, disturbing truth. I exposed how the Biden bureaucracy is using your tax money for political purposes. On the Bill Martinez national radio/podcast, I covered: How some of your tax money is going directly to radical nonprofit, politically biased groups transforming America. How the Community Health Centers are used to promote a political agenda, … Read More

Remembering Two Very Different Presidential Christmas Addresses

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Here is President Ronald Reagan’s first Christmas address from 1981 (about 4 minutes). Click HERE. And here is President Barack Obama’s Christmas address from 2015 – his last Christmas message before the 2016 presidential election surprise (about 3 minutes). Click HERE to view. President Obama’s message focused on family traditions and paid only passing lip service to the birth of Jesus… President Reagan’s … Read More

Salvation Army: It Breaks My Heart, but Here are 3 Things You Should Know – Why I No Longer Support or Donate

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I recently walked by a Salvation Army bell ringer. For the first time, I could not donate. It breaks my heart, but the Salvation Army has been infiltrated by advocates for Critical Race Theory (CRT)… and they are heading in a political, not a biblical, direction. Here are 3 things you should know: 1. The Salvation Army and its political … Read More