Bigotry Against Christians: 8 Things Every Christian Should Know about the Intolerance of a Leading Democrat Candidate for President [Video and Poll]

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Intolerance and bigotry against Christians is increasing… This is not a Democrat or Republican issue. Christian-bashing and shaming is becoming popular among leading candidates for president. The latest is Democrat Pete Buttigieg (pronounced Budda-judge) – who has already raised $7 million and is polling in 3rd place behind former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders. Here are 8 … Read More

Be Part of the Solution for Transforming America: Attend My Political & Cultural Transformation Boot Camp

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Too many conservatives, libertarians and Christians just don’t get it… Candidates, pastors and organizations act like its 2000, not 2019. The Democrat socialists – on the other hand – act like it’s 2019. So … I want you to know how we can win, not lose in the next few years. I specifically selected you to come to my special … Read More

Help Defeat the Democrat Socialists in 2020: Attend My Political and Cultural Transformation Boot Camp

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I want to personally invite you to my advanced political and cultural Boot Camp. Here’s the story… To date, the Democrat socialists have trained more than 124,000 on how to work effectively in local, state and national political campaigns. They’ve learned advanced marketing techniques and strategies: database marketing campaign management social media marketing ballot harvesting get-out-the vote strategies (GOTV) and … Read More

Political Correctness, Sin and Forgiveness (Pastor Video)

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Politicians are being accused of wrong and terrible things. Some are true … some are not true… When should we forgive a politician? Pastor Jeffress discusses this question on national TV with Ed Henry of Fox News (4 minutes). NOTE: Since this is a streaming video, it will begin replaying as soon as it ends. What do you think? Email … Read More

Revealed: Stolen Election, Christian/Pastor Failure Ahead – My Radio Interview that Shocked the Audience with Truth [Audio]

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I just completed a radio interview with Craig Roberts of KFAX AM1100 in San Francisco… He asked me what happened that caused the wipeout of many Christian/conservative/libertarian candidates in the 2018 midterm election … and the election of radical socialists instead… What I said shocked him and the audience regarding what will happen in 2020 … unless we take action … Read More

Clash of Values: Changing the Pledge of Allegiance [Video]

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Do you think the Pledge of Allegiance is “rooted in nativism and white supremacy?” Would you like to see the wording of the pledge changed? Cesar Vargas, who runs the Dream Action Coalition – and others wanting bigger government and socialism – are working to change the pledge to this: “I pledge allegiance and love to our indigenous and immigrant … Read More