Feeling Defeated? Craig Huey’s Message to Dr. Carol Swain Gives Surprising Hope and Actionable Advice for Christians to See Cultural and Political Victory

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I was just put on the hot spot on a national broadcast by Dr. Carol Swain. You can watch it HERE. Dr. Swain asked what many are thinking…there is no hope…why should I bother to vote…I’ve given up… My answer was what everyone needs to hear. Dr. Carol Swain is one of America’s leading and most knowledgeable voices on America’s … Read More

Radical Teachers in Their Own Words: True Confessions Reveal the Educational Crisis of Indoctrinating the Children [Unbelievable Must-See Video]

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The teachers are told by the teachers union – “Don’t tell parents what you’re teaching”…”Don’t allow videos in the classroom”…and “Don’t post ideas on social media.”  Most teachers obey. But not all. Watch these teachers’ Tik-Tok video, “True Confessions.” It’s about 4 minutes. They are like “true confessions” as these teachers brag about the politics, pro-LGBT agenda and radical socialist … Read More

COVID-19 Alternatives: How to Protect Yourself, Family and Friends

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The politicians, Big Tech, and big Pharma have made many suffer – and some doctors say die – because of lifesaving alternative therapies that have been effectively banned and censored in America. Hospitals, doctor offices, and insurance companies are prohibiting people from getting COVID medicine they prefer to take, even if they request it. Fortunately, there is a way you … Read More