The Growing Censorship of Conservative/Libertarian and Christian TV – My Explosive National Interview

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  There is a growing censorship of conservative/libertarian TV and Christian TV. It’s wrong. It’s dangerous. It’s happening with little opposition. OAN and Newsmax and FOX are all being hit. It’s a very dark moment in American history if we allow this to happen. I was recently interviewed by Pastor Greg Young of the Chosen Generation Podcast/national radio broadcast. Here … Read More

The Christian Vote, Ballot Harvesting and Caitlyn Jenner – My Explosive Interview with Sharron Angle [Video]

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I just got off my tv/podcast interview with Governor Sharron Angle. You watch the interview HERE. Some of the key highlights included: The Recall and Caitlyn Jenner  Over two million people signed a petition to recall the governor of California This governor has had the biggest failure in lockdowns, he has closed businesses forever, and has attacked churches He has … Read More

The Supreme Court Out of Control: We Desperately Need One New Judge to Stop Judicial Activism [4 New Court Cases Every Christian Should Know]

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The last couple of months we have seen a lot of activity by the U.S. Supreme Court. Some good. Some bad. The bad has been very bad. The good has been very good. Most of the cases have been decided by only one vote. What is very clear by the disappointing decisions of the current Supreme Court is we need … Read More