Warning: Hate Crimes … Or Hate Hoaxes? [Video and Petition]

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Any crime committed against another human being is bad. Crimes motivated by racial hatred are especially repugnant. But many so-called “hate crimes” are really hate hoaxes instead. Contrary to what the media is telling you, hate crimes are not on the rise. The media relies on the lies from the Southern Poverty Law Center – a corrupt group of socialists … Read More

Israel: The Deadly Crisis the Media Ignores [Video and Petition]

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Riots. Killings. Bombings. All of these incidents are escalating in Israel. But the media is ignoring it. What are the causes? Here are four: Obama action right before he left office Radical Islam The UN Anti-Israel hatred in the U.S. For example, under President Obama, his administration repeatedly attempted to undermine Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Jewish State, a … Read More

Christian Persecution: My Interview

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I surprised the TV interviewer. You see, at the emergency press conference at the Capitol, several Congressmen including Congressman Dana Rohrabacher and Ted Poe pleaded with Congress before the press to pass the Save the Christians from Genocide bill.

Stop Attacks on Religious Liberty! [Petition]

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Stop Attacks on Religious Liberty! [Petition]

In the last issue of Election Forum, I told you about SB 1146. This terrible bill would set up Christian colleges for lawsuits, and force teachers and administrators to drift away from their mission to preach the Gospel and teach biblical values. There is good news! More churches and concerned citizens are rising up, calling their assemblymembers, and telling them … Read More