Horrific Orwellian Trend: “Don’t Question, Just Obey”

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Protests against continuing the lock down are spreading nationwide. Some governors and mayors are prohibiting them, and some are arresting protestors. Facebook is censoring … and commentators and local media are shaming or ignoring those who disagree. In watching local and national media, I’ve noticed several commentators as well as news teams say the same basic thing. Almost daily they … Read More

Pastor Andrew Brunson: 3 Surprising Things I Learned from Him Impacting the Church

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When I was at the National Religious Broadcasters conference recently, I was excited to hear Pastor Andrew Brunson speak. I met with him privately afterwards. For over 20 years Pastor Brunson was a Christian missionary in Turkey specializing in evangelism to the Muslim world. He was arrested, falsely accused of belonging to a rebel anti-government terrorist organization … and was … Read More

Heads Spin: President Trump’s New Religious Freedom Rules Stop Christian Discrimination and Government Bigotry Against Christians

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Wow… Are things changing for Christians and our religious rights? Let me explain… Christian rights are under attack in the U.S. Christians have been discriminated against. Christians have been treated as 2nd class citizens. Christians have been marginalized. Federal and State agencies and government schools all have trampled on or abused Christian rights. For example: A high school student at … Read More