Ominous Warning: Supreme Court Judge on Government Overreach, Lockdowns, and Liberty

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In a rare speech, a U.S. Supreme Court Judge gave a rare but ominous warning. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito – a strict constructionist – warned about the lockdowns, church restrictions and growing political control of people and businesses. In a recent speech to the 2020 National Lawyers Convention, Alito said, “The pandemic has resulted in previously unimaginable restrictions on … Read More

New Year’s Eve Concert/Crusade: Watch Hundreds Run – Not Walk – to Accept Christ [Video]

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Sean Feucht again defied the government and held an “illegal” concert/crusade with 10,000 on New Year’s Eve (see my previous article HERE). Before his special “Azusa Street” concert, he had two other events. The day before, he held a concert at the restored, historic Echo Park in Los Angeles, California – overrun with the homeless. Activists honked disruptive car horns, … Read More

Horrific Orwellian Trend: “Don’t Question, Just Obey”

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Protests against continuing the lock down are spreading nationwide. Some governors and mayors are prohibiting them, and some are arresting protestors. Facebook is censoring … and commentators and local media are shaming or ignoring those who disagree. In watching local and national media, I’ve noticed several commentators as well as news teams say the same basic thing. Almost daily they … Read More