Pastor John McClure: Standing Up for Religious Liberty Despite Unfair, Continual Persecution – 6 Things Every Christian Should Know

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Courage to do right. Standing firm. Not bowing to Caesar. These are a few of the terms applicable to Pastor John McClure of Calvary Chapel San Jose. Like hundreds of other pastors, including Pastors John McArthur, Rob McCoy, Jack Hibbs and Ken Graves, these pastors had the courage to stand firm in the face of persecution from government because they … Read More

China’s War on Christianity: Apple Voluntarily Helps Them

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A Bible app has been voluntarily removed from Apple’s app store for those using it or wanting it in China. As China has escalated its war on Christianity (See China 2021: Historic Persecution of Christians is Skyrocketing – 7 Things Every Christian Should Know) it is now using Apple to help it remove any Biblical content access. Physical Bibles cannot … Read More

Pastor John MacArthur: Church Gets $800,000 from Government for Tyrannical and Unconstitutional Assault in Unsuccessfully Shutting Down His Church – 4 Things You Should Know

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The health and medical establishment bureaucrats and socialist politicians heads are spinning as they must give pastor John MacArthur and his church, Grace Community Church $800,000. Here are 4 things you should know: 1. The state of California and Los Angeles County are rewarding MacArthur with $800,000 for their assault on John MacArthur, his church attendees and Christian rights. The … Read More