Muslims’ Views on Jihad

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The rise of radical Islam has produced complexities within the Islamic faith. It has not grown without greatly impacting all Muslims. ISIS represents an interpretation of Islam that the vast majority of Muslims do not accept. However, they must now grapple with hard questions about their faith. While it is true that ISIS represents a twisted interpretation of Islamic theology … Read More

Islam in American Education [video]

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1. Common Core: Indoctrination in Islam While any shred of Christian beliefs or values are scrubbed out of public schools, Common Core teaches Islam in great detail… While students are taught that Christian beliefs are a mask for bigotry, they’re taught to respect and observe Islamic beliefs… As American Christians are losing their livelihoods because of their faith, students are … Read More

8 Facts about Islam that You Should Know

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President Obama owes Christians an apology. During the National Prayer Breakfast a few months ago, the President went beyond his refusal to acknowledge radical Muslims as Muslims. In fact, he compared violent Islam with a fictional violent Christianity. And he showed contempt for Christians. President Obama basically condemned Christianity, not Islam. The Prayer meeting started with an incredible personal testimony … Read More

President Obama’s Speech: Nothing New, More Politics [video]

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The President gave an Oval Office address to help America feel better about our safety. 8% of the address was about ISIS…. And no mention of radical Islam. 29% of the address was attacking America and promoting gun control. Here is a great analysis of the President’s lecture: Here is a clear, concise analysis from Sen. Rand Paul: … Read More

San Bernardino Islamic Terrorism: 7 Things You Should Know [video]

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Another U.S. Islamic terror attack – this time in San Bernardino – has shocked America. Here are 7 things you should know: The moral battle between Islam and Western civilization is escalating. The battle between good and evil, between right and wrong, is heating up in America. And President Obama cannot adequately strategize against ISIS unless he admits their motivations. … Read More