Are We on the Verge of War? 12 Important Things You Should Know about Iran

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The recent shoot-down of an unmanned U.S. reconnaissance aircraft over the Strait of Hormuz by an Iranian missile has escalated tensions between the two governments to a dangerous level. President Trump has shown great restraint in not responding to this attack militarily – choosing for the time being to increase economic sanctions on Iran instead. Here are 12 important things … Read More

Special Report: 14 Powerful Gun Violence Facts You Won’t Hear in the Media or See on Facebook [Videos]

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The “March for Our Lives” protests in Washington, D.C. – and in more than 800 other cities in the U.S. and around the world – dominated the news this past weekend. What wasn’t mentioned in the mainstream media coverage is how anti-gun activists have hijacked the Parkland school massacre and the student survivors to promote their agenda … and shut … Read More

United Nations “Home Security” [Funny VIDEO and Petition]

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Finally, here’s a funny but sadly accurate video about how the UN functions. It reflects why we have a petition to stop funding the UN, which supports anti-Israel and anti-freedom groups and countries. Watch the one-and-a-half-minute video below, then click on the second link below to sign the petition to defund the UN.   What do you think? Write … Read More

The Media Is Ignoring This: The Shocking, Disturbing Truth About the JFK Assassination [Must Hear Video]

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November 22 is the 54th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. It’s shocking … and quite frankly disturbing how government and the mainstream media have ignored an important truth of the assassination. It’s been a month since most everything about the assassination has been released by the government. Eighty-eight percent of the Archives’ 5 million pages of … Read More

Stop the Deep State’s Invasion of Your Privacy: Kill FISA Now [Video + Petition]

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The Russia collusion. It’s a dead-end conspiracy theory the Left has championed since Trump won the presidency. It’s born from illegal surveillance of Trump team members by the Obama administration. It is a political fishing expedition, made possible by secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants. It’s all rather hush hush. Warrants for surveillance are issued in secret by a … Read More

CIA Director Mike Pompeo: “Jesus Christ is the Only Solution for Our World”

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CIA Director Mike Pompeo: “Jesus Christ is the Only Solution for Our World”

Donald Trump nominated and Congress has confirmed Kansas Congressman Mike Pompeo as the next CIA Director. Everyone was shocked. But he is well respected in the national security community. Most of all, he is not ashamed of the Gospel. He has urged viewers on religious television to pray for our country: “Make sure that we know that Jesus Christ is … Read More