Justin Bieber: Victim of Lies and Smears

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Pray for pop star Justin Bieber. As a Christian, he is finding himself under attack by being accused of saying and doing things he hasn’t done. It’s lies being spread worldwide … even by fellow believers. One hoax came from the Huzlers website alleging that Bieber admitted to being bisexual. False. The photo of Bieber kissing another man was manipulated … Read More

Horrified: Liberal Media and the Left Go Ballistic Over Weekly Bible Studies [Video]

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A weekly Bible study in the White House has set off intense opposition. Many members of President Trump’s cabinet and inner staff profess to be devout Christians. In fact, Trump’s cabinet has been called “the most evangelical” in the country’s history. Trump is invited to the study and receives notes following each week’s meeting. By all accounts, there is a … Read More

Biased News: Sparks Fly on ‘Russia’ [Videos]

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In this age of fake news, the media is overwhelmingly hostile to anyone associated with conservative values, free enterprise … President Trump. NBC, MSNBC, CNN, CBS and ABC are non-stop in distorting the news. So, I was glad to see Sebastian Gorka, the deputy assistant to the President, go on MSNBC to be interviewed by Stephanie Ruhle on Mosul and … Read More

Liberal Media Bias: How People Are Being Lied to, Misled and Manipulated [Video]

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The biased media isn’t covering the news. It’s pushing a political agenda. News of substance and news objectively reported take a backseat to fake news stories and conspiracy theories involving Trump and anything the Republicans try to pass. For example, a study of the evening news on ABC, CBS and NBC found that nearly 90% of the broadcast networks’ coverage … Read More

7 Shocking Facts: The Liberal Press bias on Steroids [Video]

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“Anonymous Sources say” … “Leaks” … “We have confirmed” … The news on TV, Facebook, radio and the internet is biased propaganda with a political agenda. It’s not news. It’s not trustworthy. It’s not objective. Daily, the Anti-Trump Press has one new “crisis,” “blunder,” “scandal,” “Russian collusion,” “election rigging,” “irrational corruption,”… on and on. Here are 7 things you should … Read More

Disney’s homosexual scene In Beauty and the Beast

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Many Christian parents and grandparents are concerned about Disney’s homosexual scene in Beauty and the Beast. In fact, when asked, 95% of evangelical Christians said they would not see the movie. But millions of Americans – and Christians – are…it’s a huge box office success. The film has broken records for best PG-rated all-time opening,