Biased News: Sparks Fly on ‘Russia’ [Videos]

Craig HueyGovernment, Media1 Comment

In this age of fake news, the media is overwhelmingly hostile to anyone associated with conservative values, free enterprise … President Trump. NBC, MSNBC, CNN, CBS and ABC are non-stop in distorting the news. So, I was glad to see Sebastian Gorka, the deputy assistant to the President, go on MSNBC to be interviewed by Stephanie Ruhle on Mosul and … Read More

7 Shocking Facts: The Liberal Press bias on Steroids [Video]

Craig HueyMedia4 Comments

“Anonymous Sources say” … “Leaks” … “We have confirmed” … The news on TV, Facebook, radio and the internet is biased propaganda with a political agenda. It’s not news. It’s not trustworthy. It’s not objective. Daily, the Anti-Trump Press has one new “crisis,” “blunder,” “scandal,” “Russian collusion,” “election rigging,” “irrational corruption,”… on and on. Here are 7 things you should … Read More