Advancing Religious Freedom at the State Department: Media is Silent

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This week I went to Washington D.C. to attend the State Department’s Second Annual Ministerial on the Advancement of Religious Freedom. Most of the attendees at this conference were from outside the United States, with only a handful of people from here in the U.S. Sam Brownback, our Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom, organizes the event, along with Mike Pompeo, … Read More

Crisis at the Southern Border: Tears, Emotion, and Truth: 7 Things Every Christian Should Know [Video]

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As Christians, we must stand on high moral ground. When we see wrong, we must expose the wrong with the truth. When falsehood is spread, truth must be articulated. When the government does wrong, people of conscience must stand and proclaim what is right. It’s not Republican. It’s not Democrat. It’s what is right. The confusion that exists over what … Read More

Shocking: 7 Things You Should Know About a Pastor Praying for President Trump; Members “Hurt;” Media Distorts the Truth [Video]

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The pastor prayed a powerful prayer for the president … not knowing ahead of time that he would be visiting his church that day. The church was shocked… The media was shocked… And sadly, some were angry and “hurt” by the pastor’s actions. So why would some members or attendees of McLean Bible Church in Vienna, Virginia – a suburb … Read More

My Top 4 TV Interviews – in Case You Missed One

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Here are my top 4 recent TV interviews … in case you might have missed one or more of them. I think you’ll enjoy them. 1. Exposing the dangers of the Deep State interview (6:02). Watch here. 2. California socialists are controlling the economy with Maria Bartiromo (7:35) Watch here. Note: The interview begins with a short but powerful statement … Read More

Astonishing Revelations: Final 6 of 12 Shocking Deep State Coup d’Etat Actions Intended to Remove President Trump from Office [Videos]

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Last week we revealed here that the Department of Justice … the FBI … the CIA and NSA … have all been conducting a silent, behind-the-scenes coup d’etat to remove President Trump from office. We told you that contrary to what the biased progressive media says, this is NOT a conspiracy theory … It’s a conspiracy FACT. We listed the … Read More

Confession: 12 Shocking Deep State Coup d’Etat Actions the Biased Media Isn’t Telling You – Astonishing [Videos]

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Deeply disturbing… Shocking… Unprecedented in American history. The Department of Justice … the FBI … the CIA and NSA … have all been conducting a silent, behind-the-scenes coup d’etat to remove President Trump from office. This is NOT a conspiracy theory. It’s a conspiracy FACT. Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe confessed in his upcoming book – and in national … Read More

Victory: Blasphemous Comic Book Mockery of Jesus Cancelled

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Thanks to all who prayed and signed the petition to stop the blasphemous DC comic book series, “Second Coming.” As I discussed in “False Religion: The True Jesus vs. DC Comics’ Next Superhero” (see here), the comic undermines Biblical truth. Over 230,000 signed the petition against it. The comic in the series had been scheduled for release on March 6h. … Read More