Pastor John MacArthur Drama Explodes, “The Government Wants to Shut Us Down”

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Pastor John MacArthur stood firm. He ignored the judges. He ignored the California Governor. He ignored the Los Angeles County’s war on the church. The government unconstitutionally threatened Pastor John and the church attendees with jail and fines and more. Pastor MacArthur told the applauding fellowship, “we are having church. We are not meeting to be rebellious. We are meeting … Read More

I went to Church on Sunday. They Said I Would Be Arrested: 5 Shocking Insights You Will Not See in the Media [Must See Video Reports]

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Arrest the pastors…and anyone that would dare go to church on Sunday. Fine everyone $1,000 who tried to come to the service. Shelly and I flew from Nashville to California to attend the church. We wanted to be there to offer support and prayer to the pastor and his fellowship, who were under attack by the California Democratic Socialists, Governor … Read More

Twitter Censors Tim Tebow’s Inspirational Bible [Video]

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Twitter censored an inspirational post by former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow asking Christians to hold onto their faith during times of personal tribulation. The following media includes potentially sensitive content, read a warning from the social media giant that covered the video portion of his post. Watch the video by clicking here. Tebow said, “This could be your time. That … Read More

Pastor John MacArthur Under Fire: Stands Firm [Must see video]

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Pastor John MacArthur stood firm. When he announced he was opening his church “illegally” the forces of evil blew up. · The media attacked him · The politicians and bureaucrats attacked him. · Even some “Christian” pastors attacked him. But he stood firm. Remember, Dr. MacArthur, joining thousands of other churches opening their doors in the face of anti-Christian politicians … Read More

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google: Manipulating the 2020 Election [Controversial Tucker Video – MUST see]

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Big Tech censorship is stopping free speech…censoring what you see…and manipulating the 2020 election. Only one point of view is being served. Conservative, Libertarian, and Christian news commentary and content is censored. This was highlighted by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google taking down a video representing 600 doctors disagreeing with Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Democrats and Joe Biden. Our newsletter … Read More