God is Not Dead: We the People – A Movie About Religious Liberty and Homeschooling

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My wife and I took a look at the latest release in the series, God Is Not Dead. The movie was powerful. It touched on many different topics – even the persecution of Christians overseas. But the main emphasis was the persecution in the U.S. by many trying to marginalize and outlaw homeschooling in America. School districts, the educational establishment, … Read More

How The Radical Left Mobilizes and Misleads By Deceit, Lies and Half-Truths – 7 Things You Should Know About the Falsely Called “Don’t Say Gay” Controversy [Must See Videos]

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The media. Big Tech. Big Corporations. Politicians. Activist organizations. They are all mobilizing opposition to Governor Ron DeSantis’ bill that stops radical teachers, school administrators, and school board members from brainwashing 5-,6-, and 7- year-olds…and abusing parental rights. And it’s a classic example of how the radical pro-socialists are able to defeat what they don’t like…or advance their agenda. They … Read More

Hate Map: It Makes Me Sick But You’ve Got To See This [Petition]

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Let me show you something that makes me sick. Above is a hate map that is misleading, false, and wrong. It’s put out by a very well-funded progressive organization called the Southern Poverty Law Center. As you can see, the Pacific Justice Institute is on this malicious and slanderous list. I’ve supported the work of the Pacific Justice Institute for … Read More