Behind the Scenes: What the Media Isn’t Telling You About Bureaucracies and the Economy: What to Expect For Your Future [Listen to My Podcast with Lee Bellinger Now]

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It’s candid, spontaneous and a powerful interview you should listen to now…and you’ll want to share. In it, you’ll find a powerful explanation of what is happening behind the scenes in Washington now…why it’s happening…and what needs to be done. You can listen to it HERE. It’s with Lee Bellinger of Off Grid Confidential newsletter. Lee has one of the … Read More

U.S. Military: Top Generals’ Politicized Leadership a Danger to Freedom and our Republic – 4 Things You Should Know, Despite Biased Media Silence [Video]

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The leadership of our own U.S. military is becoming one of the biggest threats to freedom and our Republic. The failure of the Generals and top military leadership in Afghanistan is just a horrific outcome of their political policies. Politicizing the military started under President Obama. It continued as part of the “resistance” determined to undermine of President Trump. And … Read More