Hidden Shocking Epidemic: Sex Change Being Pushed on Young Girls and Boys

Craig HueyEducation, Homosexuality & Transgenderism, Media3 Comments

There is a hidden and shocking epidemic across America few know about…a historic transgender spike among the young. It’s shocking and disturbing that students in college, high school, middle school and even elementary school have suddenly, and in great numbers, begun to move towards transgenderism. How did this happen? What are the causes and what can be done? Across America, … Read More

Media Escalates Attack on Christians: The Latest Biased Attack Seen by Millions [See Example of Biased TV Report]

Craig HueyFaith, Media, Politics, Religious Liberties & The Persecuted Church2 Comments

Across the United States, those who watch video reports on social media or get Apple News or rely on the news feeds from Facebook or Google, are being lied to or misled often by a direct assault on Christianity. Often the attack is to take a news item and then use it to slander Christians in an unbalanced and unfair … Read More