Dr. Malone Exposes Covid Lies and Myths: 21 Shocking Takeaways from the Joe Rogan Show After Both Were Banned by Twitter for Saying This…[Plus 3 Short but Powerful Video Clips You Must See]

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Dr. Malone was a well-respected scientist, doctor, and vaccine inventor. In fact, one of the things he invented were nine original mRNA vaccines that have patents. Dr. Malone recently broke his silence about the lies and myths Big Pharma, the medical establishment, the media and politicians have spread. Dr. Malone is smart, direct and one of the most credible and … Read More

Department of Justice/FBI War on the Conservative Press: Libertarian and Christian Press Next? 7 Things You Should Know

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  The DOJ/FBI has just declared war on freedom of the press.  Shockingly, the Department of Justice/FBI is using its power to crush the conservative press and silence voices of opposition.  It’s never before happened in American history.  It should not be happening now.  It’s a direct attack by the coercive power of the bureaucracy against the First Amendment of the … Read More

The War on Christmas and the Indifference of Most [3 Little-Known Things You Should Know and 3 Powerful Things to Do]

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For years we have seen the war on Christmas escalate… For years we have seen Christmas become more and more secularized… For years we’ve seen the real story of Christmas fade into the background … almost to the point of disappearing altogether. And saying “Merry Christmas” has become politically incorrect and socially inappropriate. Many in the business world and government have ordered employers and advertising to ban any … Read More