Religious Liberty, Israel, and Election 2016

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The last GOP debate spotlighted the assault on religious liberty and Israel. Which candidates the voters trust to protect individual liberty and freedom of conscience? Ted Cruz discusses the values of the Hispanic community: faith, family, and patriotism. Listen to them here. Listen to Donald Trump walk back comments he had made earlier about “neutral on Israel” here. John Kasich … Read More

Alert: The Death of Scalia — 6 Things You Must Know

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With the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, everything politically and economically changes. This powerful intellectual defender of the Constitution was the leading voice and vote for freedoms of speech and religion, as well as fighting to preserve the moral fabric and legal integrity of this country. With the ongoing attacks against religious liberties, we have lost an ally. … Read More

Christians and the 2016 Election: 7 Surprising Things You Should Know

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The Left and the Progressive Democrats cannot believe the size and power of the Christian vote in the GOP primaries, or how most candidates proclaim Jesus as their Lord and Savior … yes, proclaim it! 80% of the GOP Presidential candidates are born again, or Evangelical Christians. Here are seven things you should know: The Evangelical is helping … not … Read More