Sad: TV Commercial on Atheism and Hell [Video]

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This TV commercial is getting lots of TV and online viral views. Sadly, it’s from one of Ronald Reagan’s children – Ron Reagan. Tell me what you think… and what you would say: To him To rebut what he says. Email me at Here are the rest of this week’s articles: The End of Coronavirus Pandemic Fear? [Video] How … Read More

Integrated Marketing Will Determine Who Wins the Presidential Election in November: Conservatives and Libertarians Must Do It Better than the Pro-Socialists

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The 2020 presidential election is going to be decided by three things: Creating a strong message Delivering that message effectively to specifically targeted voters using advanced marketing techniques Tying the marketing campaign to a Get-Out-the-Vote (GOTV) effort The fusion of digital marketing and direct mail has made it possible to target voters – and get their response – like never … Read More

Multiplying Your Message: 13 Response-Boosting Strategies You Can Use on Facebook Right Now

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Are you pastor of a church that has a Facebook page? Or do you own a small business … or do you have a personal, political, social or religious message you’d like to deliver to a large audience? If you’re wondering whether Facebook advertising is still worth using … or whether you’d be better off putting your cash elsewhere … … Read More