Shaking Things Up: Free States vs. Oppressive States, Mask Mandates vs. Choice. Pastors with Courage vs. Bowing to Caesar [My Surprising Trip to California vs. Other States National Interview]

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On national radio, I shook things up. You can listen to it HERE. Here are a few of the controversial things I said about my recent observations of California vs. free states in America: The politicians and bureuacrats have abused their power and imposed unfair and unnecessary rules and regulations that have been harmful to our society. Submitting to collectivism … Read More

FreedomFest 2021: America’s Leading Advocates for Freedom Create a Roadmap for Political and Economic Transformation

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I just got back from FreedomFest 2021 in South Dakota. What a great conference. It was so great seeing so many subscribers and having them say hello to me. I’ve been to every FreedomFest as a speaker since it began and this time I gave three talks. But I was just one of over 250 speakers who had a roadmap … Read More

Honest Confession: Governor Ron DeSantis Admits Locking Down Florida for 30 Days Was a Destructive Blunder That Didn’t Work – 5 Things Every American Should Know [Video]

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It’s refreshing. A politician admitting he not only made a mistake – but a terrible blunder. Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida makes 5 surprising admissions you won’t see in the biased press or social media. The blunder? #1. The lockdown was a “destructive mistake” and didn’t work. Governor DeSantis said that the lockdowns were a “huge mistake,” including in his … Read More